Google map display, showing the position of the tunnel passing underneath Lookout Point.

Kaikorai Valley

At the Kaikorai Valley end, the tunnel entrance is below road level and not easily seen. You will find it on Kaikorai Valley Road between #699 (Otago Trailers) and #675b (Pete's Paint and Varnish Removal).

Caversham Valley

At the Caversham end, the cutting is behind the high wooden fence on the north side of Caversham Valley Rd. Access is from the Caversham Rd pavement, about 240 metres uphill from the Barnes Drive intersection. Carparking is available on Barnes Drive or Rockyside Terrace.

You can get an excellent view of the tunnel entrance and the cutting from the footbridge between the end of Rockyside Terrace and Caversham Valley Road.