History and Information

The tunnel is a single-track rail tunnel drilled through sandstone and operational for 31 years.

  • length 865 metres
  • width 4 metres
  • height 5 metres
  • style Gothic Arch, lined for 10 metres from each end
  • gradient 1 in 66 for 523 metres from the Caversham end, then level to Kaikorai Valley
  • 21 September 1871 Construction begins
  • 26 September 1872 Tunnel breakthrough
  • 13 December 1873 Line opened to Green Island by The Hon. Julius Vogel (Premier)
  • 1 July 1874 First passenger service Dunedin to Green Island Terminus. 
  • Closed 1910 with the line switching to the longer and dual track tunnel 130 metres to the South
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