It's great to think that opening the tunnels is a good idea, and a lot of people want it to happen.  However, unless the Council hear from the community - that's you! - that this needs to happen then it will get consigned to the 'Not Going To Happen' basket.

Simple steps to take: 


We hope you will consider donating to the Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust.  For every $10 that you donate we will send you a copy of Ice Cream For All in recognition of your support. This A5, soft-cover recipe book lets you create some delicious ice cream treats, all within your own kitchen without any special equipment.

Ice Cream For All

To donate , you can either:

  • Use Internet banking to transfer your donation to Kiwibank account 38-9009-0006450-00, with your name in the details, then send an email to: donations @ with your address details for the Ice Cream book.
  • Send a cheque, made out to "Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust" to Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust, c/- 7 Duke St, Mosgiel.  Remember to include your address for the Ice Cream book.

Please remember that we will need your address to send the Ice Cream For All book, (1 for every $10 you donate) so remember to send an email when donating online.